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Baa-Baa-Barn -

Product Code: 70.1222

  • Age 2y
  • B

  • Baa-Baa-Barn


Place the cow, pig, sheep or horse inside the barn doors and hear them sing. The Barn features four different songs, each sound different depending on who’s on the floor.
You can swirl the balls down the silo and out the door at the bottom. The ladybird travels back and forth on the zigzag path.  Slide the mouse along and watch the chicken jump!
It also comes complete with a handy handle that helps you take the barn anywhere!
4 AA batteries are included .so you are ready to play.

This B Baa-Baa-Barn has just won an award from the British Toy and Hobby  for the best new Toy in the speciality category for 2014.

The difference in B. packaging goes a long way beyond the surface. All of the boxes are made from recycled paper, even the plastic that holds the toys in place are recyclable too. The boxes are uniquely printed with soy based inks that excude the signature B, look. Everything was well thought out in order to make as little impact as possible on planet earth. For every B. told sold, B. gives a portion of sales to Free The Children. Always keep a look out for B. toys, we never know what kind of wonder they will come up with next.

4 AA batteries included.