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Deluxe Middlebrook Farm -

Product Code: 60.07563

Deluxe Middlebrook Farm
  • Age 3y
  • Pintoy

  • Deluxe Middlebrook Farm
  • Deluxe Middlebrook Farm


Welcome to the Deluxe Middlebrook Farm! This lovely little farm set comes complete with a farm house, barn, stable, pig sty and pond! Also a full range of accessories are included such as furniture for the house and sacks and hay bales too! Another handy little feature is that each of the buildings stacks within the next for easy storage.

Stable W22cm L 14.5cm H27cm
Barn W42cm L25.5cm H36.5cm
House W28cm L17.2cm H33cm



What's In The Box

farm house
pig sty