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Just Like Daddy

Toys for little boys

Just Like Daddy
Just Like Daddy

There's no better aim for little boys than to be ‘just like daddy'

With this in mind there is the Workbench from Pintoy, in reds, blues and yellows it's a child size bench complete with lots of tools and wood to ‘saw' and bash.  The Workbench presents an ideal scenario for role play alongside Dad with his own tools all set out.

Of course being Daddy is not all about work and no play - so for a little downtime, there's the My First Motorbike from Tidlo.   Biker Dads will adore the styling of this swish balance bike.  The smart red and blue with silver accents give the bike a grown up feel, whilst easy grip handlebars, pneumatic tyres and a padded seat offer comfort and safety for little ones.

As Dad remembers his youth with the My my first motorbikeFirst Motorbike, he may also recall his first scooter too, so for a further trip down memory lane Tidlo presents the Lemon Scooter and the Red Scooter.  Reminiscent of a weekend trip to Brighton, these two retro balance bikes will have both Mum and Dad's heart captivated.  Youngsters will love the target or flower detailing, the bright gloss finish and the ability to zoom around town!



posted on: 10 Oct 2011

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