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Product Code: 70.1025

  • Age 2y
  • B

  • Meowsic
  • Meowsic
  • Meowsic
  • Meowsic


B Meowsic  is a beautiful musical keyboard in the shape of a grinning Cheshire cat! B Meowsic makes five different sounds which include piano, bells, organ, banjo and the all important meow! Not only this, but Meowsic also has five different modes to choose from which include rock, blues, samba, techno and disco so there is plenty to choose from! If that isn’t enough, B Meowsic also features volume and tempo buttons to speed up and slow down the beats, a play and record button enables toddlers to record their own musical masterpiece and then play it back over and over again. (does not record your voice) There are 20 familiar catchy songs to play and seven witty kitty tunes that will play from the speakers with just one press of a button. Anything worth saying is worth saying louder! This is why there is a retractable microphone to amplify all that wonderful singing! B on the look out for other fab musical instruments from B   Toy 48.25x7x25.4cm  

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