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Puppet Crocodile -

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Puppet Crocodile
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Trudi puppets are some of the best quality puppets on the market.  They are padded ensuring the puppet will remain upright even when not in play.  High density fur fabric is used for each piece of the puppet ensuring that the fabric backing never shows through, equally each puppet is double stitched to ensure durability and longevity.  Every Trudi puppet is hand finished to create a unique expression on each and every puppet face.  With places for fingers and thumbs to work the puppets arms plus its head and mouth too the possibilities for puppet fun and creativity is endless.

Puppets are excellent for extending vocabulary, pretend play and story telling.

25cm high

Key Features


-          Cute Puppet Crocodile

-          Able to stand alone for added play value

-          Washable

-          Different fur lengths and colours make it more realistic and specific to animal

-          Softest of soft touches