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Retailer Workshop - Writing Good Copy....

Retailer Workshop - Writing Good Copy....

Writing good copy is essential if you are an online retailer.


You have no shop front, so no one can pick up your toys and try them before they buy, so what should you write?

Of course, there is much to be said for a straight forward ' does what it says on the tin' format.  Take our own description of our Fire Engine.


It reads:


Spring into action with this bright red fire engine! This emergency vehicle is perfect for reaching those tall towers and top floors with its extendable ladder. This set comes with a hose and nozzle plus a connecting hose making them long enough to get to all those hard to reach places. The top of the fire engine and the back comes off to allow more creative play for budding young  fire-fighters! This is an ideal accessory for any of one of our fire series range.

Key Features


Key Features:

-          Brightly coloured  and safe

-          Durable wooden material and rope

-          Extendable and detachable ladder

-          Detachable lids encourages creative play

-          Tremendous detailing


(Just the truck)

Height: 17.5cm

Length: 42cm

Width: 15cm

Measurements ar very important to include, as are some key features.  But when is it good to be a little more creative?

Creative copy sells more product - fact.  Make your customer happy and engaged and they will buy - lets take the Fire Engine copy from - it reads:


Pugh Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert Dibble Grubb *pheeeewww* - children of the 70's, with or without kids of your own, you'll have great fun recreating scenes from Trumpton (or was it Camberwick Green? I can never remember!).

Don't let your young whippersnappers tell you Fireman Sam is the hero next door - Captain Flack was there long before he was even a sketch on an artist's pad. Who never dreamed of being a fireman (or firewoman) at some point in their childhood ? Maybe you got scared of heights, or didn't fancy singeing your eyebrows on a daily basis or spending half your life sliding down slippery poles.

Well, now you can live out your childhood fantasies in the comfort of your kids' bedroom (who am I kidding? This Pintoy Fire Engine will permanently live in the front room so that you can play after they've gone to bed!) It comes with a few accessories (ladder, hose) but you just know you'll want to go for the added extras - axes, walkie talkies, megaphones and breathing apparatus. How cool is that? Just think of all the stories you could make up!

You can even get your kids to call you on your mobile with an emergency message so that you can go racing around the house yelling nee-naw-nee-naw to rescue them ! (Just make sure they don't phone the real fire brigade - they really won't care that you were encouraging their creativity and engaging in imaginative roleplay!)

Inject a little fun into your day-to-day life (and annoy the hell out of your other half!) - orange juice spilt on the kitchen floor? - quick, get the hose out! Burnt toast? - don't panic, here come the Pintoy boys in blue! If you're really good, you might even get a fireman's hat for your birthday so you can dress up while you play but maybe draw the line at having a pole fitted!!

Now for the serious bit...

1 x Wooden Pintoy Fire Engine
2 x Wooden Ladders
1 x Fire Hose with Nozzle
2 x Connecting Hoses

Engine Size: L=45cm W=16cm H=25cm

Material: Wood

Suggested Age: 3 years old and above

Optional Extra Firefighters and Accessories:

4 x Fire Fighters
1 x Fire Extinguisher
2 x Axes
2 x Walkie Talkies
1 x Breathing Apparatus
1 x Megaphone

©  When I was a Kid 2011


So next time you're adding copy to your site for our charming wooden toys, why not take a while longer and let your creative juices flow!


Description courtesy of When I was a Kid



posted on: 05 Mar 2012

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