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Ribbit- tat-tat -

Product Code: 70.1389

Ribbit- tat-tat
  • Age 2y
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  • Ribbit- tat-tat

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Ribbit-tat-tat what's that! It's Get moving and grooving to your own fabulous freestyle drum session in froggy fashion.  Then why not play back your recording in a fun and wacky voice!

Two Frog flips come ready for a fly-catching game and they even store in the holder on the side. Follow the lights on the lily pads to catch every fly - the more you catch the faster they go! A funny slurp lets you know when you’ve hit the sweet spot! Alternately Follow the light-up lily pads to drum along with familiar nursery songs.

Dimensions: W44.5 x D12.7 x H25.4cm

Phthalate free and BPA free.

Key Features

Fly catching game which speeds up the more you play.

You can change the music into the following genres, rock, world music, electro pop, urban and Ribbit!

Musical note key will play music and one can change the sound by the pressing the different music type buttons. 

Volume control for parents to save their ears from these hoppy amphibians.

You can even record sound on it.

What's In The Box

1 x Drum set
2 x fly flips ( Drumsticks)
4 x AA batteries