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Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck -

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Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck
  • Age 3y
  • Our Generation

  • Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck

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Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck For some sweet treats on wheels. The OG girls heard the tinkle of that familiar music and that means the ice cream truck is on its way. OG girls always have time for ice cream, whether its chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. It doesn't stop there there are lots of goodies to choose from and with so many choices to choose from this is becoming the new favourite hang out spot.                                    


Key Features

Check out these amazing functions.                                    A) Turn wheel left or right for signal lights.                       B) Press wiper button for wiper action.                             C) Press light button for cruising in the dark.                    D) Press music button to play three songs,                 Turkey in the straw ( Ice cream truck),                            Any given sundae ( Jingle/ice-cream truck instrumental), and Ice cream Truck.                                         
E) Handy glove compartment opens for extra storage.       F) Press brake pedal for the lights to flash.                          G) Chalk board and chalk to draw or write todays specials.

What's In The Box

1 ice-cream truck, 4 trays, 2 fridge racks, 1 deep fryer with basket, 2 stools, 4 chalk sticks, 1 bell, 1 napkin holder, 6 paper bills, 3 coins, 2 ice-cream holders, 1 popsicle holder, 3 containers, 3 cups, 3 doughnut trays, 4 serving spoons, 1 ice-cream scooper, 1 jar with 6 straws, 1 set of prongs, 3 syrup bottles, 2 shakers, 8 ice-cream cones, 3 slushies, 6 sundaes, 2 cyclones, 2 cookie sandwiches, 3 pretzels, 6 ice-cream trays, 28 popsicles, 9 doughnuts, 1 ice-cream & waffle cone, 1 soft ice-cream in a cup, 3 soft ice-cream cones, 2 ice-cubes, 2 milkshakes with whipped cream, 4 ice-cream cones with paper cups,1 large sundae, dolls and outfits sold separately.