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Symphony in B -

Product Code: 70.1120

Symphony in B

Min Order Qty is 2 (2pcs/BOX)

  • Age 3y
  • B

  • Symphony in B
  • Symphony in B


This is your symphony and you really are the conductor! Choose your song and the instruments and create beautiful music. Choose one of fifteen songs and symphonies; and choose up to SIX instruments to put in the orchestra pit, then choose six different instruments or replace them one buy one. Included Playbill teaches composers, writers and lyrics too! The different lights show and teach the different sections of the orchestra strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion so you learn about music to. It even includes batteries so you are ready to play as soon as you get it! Auto shut off preserves the batteries just in case you forget to turn it of. Instruments are colour coded and shaped so it will help with a young one’s learning and hand eye co-ordination.

The B packaging feels a little different, both in your hands and to the earth. All of the boxes and tags are made from recycled paper, even the plastic that holds the toys in place are recyclable too. The boxes are uniquely printed with soy based inks in order to make as little impact as possible on planet earth.


Key Features

  • 13 instruments from the orchestra
  • Each section of the orchestra is labelled
  • See-through plastic to see insides of toy
  • Excellent tool to learn about music