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Touch and Feel Bugs -

Product Code: T-0024

Touch and Feel Bugs
  • Age 12m
  • Tidlo

  • Touch and Feel Bugs

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The Touch and Feel Puzzle is great for little hands, each piece of the puzzle is chunky which allows for easy handling and lifting. The pieces can also stand and be played with away from the puzzle board, which adds extra play value. Underneath each piece of the puzzle are different textures that help your child recognise which puzzle piece goes where. The different textures entertain little fingers and promote vocabulary.

The animals that are illustrated in this puzzle are: a ladybird, a butterfly, a frog and a snail.


Thickness per piece: 1.5cm

Key Features


-          Each Chunky piece is easy to handle

-          Helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination and shape matching skills

-          The board has different textures hidden beneath each block

-          Pieces can stand alone for additional play value as well as being used for drawing templates