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50 Piece Train Set -

Product Code: T-0097

50 Piece Train Set
  • Age 3y
  • Tidlo

  • 50 Piece Train Set
  • 50 Piece Train Set

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In the traditional figure of eight, the 50 piece train set is perfect for creating your own little town. This product includes items such as the train, carriages, buildings, bridges, trees and also people. The set can be used on the floor, table or on a play mat and is also compatible with other popular wooden train sets.

Key Features

- a multi configuration set

- can be used in the traditional figure of eight

What's In The Box

-          One train

-          Three carriages

-          17 track pieces

-          six trees/bushes

-          8 buildings/roofs

-          Six track accessories such as traffic lights

-          Nine people/animals