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You Hue -

Product Code: 70.1102

You Hue
  • Age 2y
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You Hue, where ideas come out to play! This art centre features ten washable chunky marker pens, a lift up storage lid to protect those works of art, useful storage pouches on both sides and a flat area where creations are made. It is literally a creation station!

The B packaging feels a little different, both in your hands and to the earth. All of the boxes and tags are made from recycled paper, even the plastic that holds the toys in place are recyclable too. The boxes are uniquely printed with soy based inks in order to make as little impact as possible on planet earth.

Desk: 59.7x33x21.6cm



Key Features


-          Ten washable marker pens

-          Flat area to work on

-          Storage areas